Botanical Garden-Sector 132

We offer this profitable bus pass of Rs.2,800 that will allow one to enjoy traveling from the Botanical Garden to Sector 132 Noida for a whole month through our furnished buses. This bus pass facilitates the passengers to avail easy traveling via air-conditioned buses of us started from the Botanical Garden. Thus, it will become convenient for daily passengers to travel from the Botanical Garden to Sector 132 through our air-conditioned buses and cover the miles of distances in a short time. This bus pass will be authorized up to one month of its authorized date. Hence, the people should upgrade to this bus pass once again after completing its time period of a month. Interested people should apply for this bus pass and enjoy traveling via luxury buses between Botanical Garden to Sector 132 Noida without any hassle.


  • Affordable bus pass
  • Traveling in luxury buses or shuttles
  • Fully air-conditioned buses
  • Easy traveling
  • Monthly validity of bus pass
  • Renewable bus pass